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Assistance may be available for patients with different types of insurance coverage:

  • Commercially insured patients may be able to use a Genentech co-pay program or be referred to an independent co-pay assistance foundation

  • Publicly insured patients can be referred to independent co-pay assistance foundations

  • Eligible patients with or without insurance coverage may receive help from the Genentech Patient Foundation

  • My Patient Solutions is an online tool to help you enroll patients in Genentech Access Solutions and manage your service requests. My Patient Solutions Login

  • Quick Enroll is a fast, paperless option for enrolling patients into Genentech patient support services. Genentech Access Quick Enroll Form

Eligibility criteria apply. Not valid for patients using federal or state government programs to pay for their medicine and/or administration of their Genentech medicine. Patients must be taking the Genentech medicine for an FDA-approved indication. Please visit the Co-pay Program website for the full list of Terms and Conditions.

Independent co-pay assistance foundations have their own rules for eligibility. Genentech has no involvement or influence in independent foundation decision-making or eligibility criteria and does not know if a foundation will be able to help your patient. We can only refer your patient to a foundation that supports their disease state. Genentech does not endorse or show preference for any particular foundation. The foundations to which we refer your patient may not be the only ones that might be able to help.

To be eligible for free Genentech medicine from the Genentech Patient Foundation, insured patients who have coverage for their medicine should try to pursue other forms of financial assistance, if available, and meet certain income requirements. Uninsured patients and insured patients without coverage for their medicine must meet a different set of income requirements. Genentech reserves the right to modify or discontinue the program at any time and to verify the accuracy of information submitted.